We believe sex is more than just feeling good

It’s about feeling closer to your loved one. That’s why we have been creating a range of revolutionary products since 1934, just to bring lovers closer together.

We are the first condom manufacturer in Japan and the first in the world to produce coloured and dotted condoms.

In 1998, we introduced Sagami Original made from special polyurethane (PU). Not only did it provide a more natural feel, but it also remained safe and ideal for people allergic to latex. In 2004, we released Sagami Original 0.02 with a thickness of 28 microns*, which instantly became the bestseller in Japan.

Today, we are still advancing our technology so that you can enjoy more intimate experiences with our products.

*0.028±0.008mm (measured with the standard of Sagami)

Sagami Original Manufacturer